Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Doing Creekside a Favor

There is a word used in the Bible that we use a lot in our culture, it is favor. We ask someone to do us a favor and it means that we need them to extend a kindness for our benefit.

God's favor can rest on people, cities, companies and churches. Noah found favor (Gen.6:8), Jacob asked for favor (Gen. 32:5), David found favor in serving (I Sam.) and God's favor was on mankind that first Christmas (Luke 2:14).

We are now asking you to pray with us for favor in the eyes of the city officials in Mountlake Terrace for a petition we are asking of them.

The elders and I have been working on the possibility of partial occupancy at our new campus and we need the city's permission to move forward. Basically, this means we are petitioning the city to allow us to close off the front part of the campus until it is completed and only use the back portion of the campus.

If the city agrees, this will be a temporary solution until we can fully complete our campus, however, we do have the resources to finish that portion of the campus if we receive permission. This means we would be able to move our worship services , pastor’s offices, children and youth ministry and Ethos University all into the back portion of the new campus. We would worship in Finch Hall using multiple services.

This is NOT a done deal, so we will be asking you to pray with us that we receive favor from the city towards this request, which they have not typically granted in the past, but seem willing to talk about with us. If this request were granted, it would be possible to move in very quickly, so pray hard!

Thanks again for standing in faith with us as we move forward.


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