Friday, November 16, 2007

When Your Truck Rattles

My truck turned 70,000 miles this last week and I took it in for an oil change. I have been enduring a rattle for the last six months. The rattle did not affect performance, but it bothered me, not enough to do anything about... at least not yet.
Then last week it started getting worse and I had had enough. I made the appointment and this coming Tuesday, my truck gets healed.
Then there is my six month check up at the dentist. I really don't look forward to that each November and April. The scrapping, poking, grinding and polishing is a great thing to have behind you, but the alternative is worse. So I made the decision to get them worked on.
Then I had another issue surface . . . my heart. 30 months ago I had surgery to repair and valve and my heart is good, strong, no leakage and surgey did what it was supposed to do. Yeah!
The problem is infection. Since the surgey I have battled infection in the heart sack that turns me into an 80 year old man in five days once the infection hits. And so far it has hit about every three or four months in the last three years, combated only be regular steriods. Yuck!
So I got tired of this rattle too and I'm going into see the heart mechanic on Tuesday. Granted this is a little more complicated, but I have hope it will be fixed too, one way or another.
The point of this little writing is simply this. Irratating things continue to get worse until we make a decision to change, and we usually don't make a decision until we feel growing personal pain.
What decision do you need to make that you have been putting off?.