Thursday, November 26, 2009

Your Life is a Path

I just finished going through Andy Stanley's "Principle of the Path" and it is a great read. It is practical, interesting and focused.

Andy deals with the American lie, or human lie, that somehow we're going to make it personally if our intentions are right. We'll reach our goals, have a good marriage and a successful career if we just have good intentions. He clearly points out that it takes much more.

Andy points out the obvious fact, which most people choose to ignore, that our decisions create a path which produces predictable results. If we don't like the results we're getting, we need to change our decisions, small and large, which will put us on a different path and we'll see different results.

Andy uses many examples from his personal life and the Bible, especially Proverbs to see that there is a path we can all get on to achieve the purposes we were born for and the success we all want.