Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Shack

Sometimes when people give me books to read, it feels like an assignment. I know they mean well, but I have a list of books I want to read too. When I add their list to mine it can seem overwhelming . . .no so with The Shack.
I have never posted a blog about a book before, even though I am always reading six books at once. When my friend John Krueger gave me a copy, I struggled. Then my friend and book devourer Robert Doell asked me to read The Shack. God was signaling me to get with it.

The Shack is a book for people dealing with pain, in other words all of us. I told someone that reading The Shack will warp your sense of God, but really it will expose a warped sense of God. This book deeply affected my life.

Have you ever had an experience where you sensed God so close to you that you could feel Him in the room? That is how The Shack affected me. After page 100, I sensed Him in every paragraph. I'm sure He was there all along, Im just tell you my expereince. In dealing with some of life's toughest questions, in a real life manner, The Shack brought God ever so close.

This book is destined to be not only a literary hit, but a spiritual tsunami in the American Christian soul. Don't be left out . . . go get one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because of your blog and Jeanne Krueger giving Jean a copy, I am reading it right now. I will give you an update after I finish it. It sure is hard to put it down once you get started!

John T.

8:34 PM  

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