Thursday, April 17, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

I hope by now you have heard of Ben Stein's new movie called "Expelled: No Intelliegence Allowed". I have not seen it, so I cannot recommend it, but I will tell you I'm going to see it. I have a good friend named Bob who has written a review of the movie. He loves to wax eloquent and has give me permission to post his review on my blog . . . so . . . without further ado . . . I give you Bob's review.

Here's a new one for me. I am "plugging" a movie scheduled to come to theaters near you Friday, April 18. It is titled "Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed". It covers the controversy surrounding efforts by scientisits, educators and others to question some of the many gaps and holes found in the archaic approach to the origin of life offered by Darwinism.

At a time when scientific pursuit and discovery was relatively primative, Darwins theory, though lacking evidence, was understandably plausible to many. Now, just by asking questions and allowing the scientific evidence to lead to thoughtful, logical conclusions, many are being discredited, losing tenure, losing jobs and worse.

Darwinism has become the official state religion and questioning it's sacred credos and propositions brings charges of heresy. (Can stoning and beheadings be far behind?) What do the dawinist facists fear? As a Christian, I don't fear full investigation and disclosure of all scientific evidence relating to the "Origin of The Species". I encourage it.

Excuse my "religious interjection", but Jesus said that the "truth will set you free". So why do darwinists fear full disclosure and inquiry? What would be so wrong with allowing the evidence to lead to conclusions rather than what is the current model of forcing the facts into the darwinist mold? I and I believe other Christians are not asking for religion to be taught in the classroom. God forbid!

I am, however, asking that my grandchildren be encouraged to think, ask questions, to follow evidence and horror of horrors, reach logical conclusions about the "Origin of The Species" and that true scientists and educators be allowed to pursue science without being ostricized. To say that darwinism is full of holes is so understated. There are more holes than fabric.

Please understand that I am not questioning the evidence for micro evolution. Changes within species are easily documented. However, the fossil record is so clear and consise on this point: species suddenly appear and just as suddenly disappear. Absolutely no evidence of macro evolution where one specie evolves over time (no matter how much time) into another specie can be found.

That is science. Darwinsim is religion - based mostly on dogma. Even you darwinists out there should at least see the free speech aspect of this.
Dare I say, God Bless You!



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