Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just for the Halibut

Two weeks ago, my son Tom and I got a chance to fish in a Ling Cod Derby. We couldn't hook any Ling Cod, but he tied into a great little 30lb halibut. As we were out on the Striaght of Juan de Fuca, it became a very memorable day.

First of all, the water was flat enough to ski on. We started calling it Lake Juan de Fuca since it was so calm. Secondly, this was Tom's first halibut out on the straight.

Finally, I realized how fortuante I was to be out there with my wife and son. There are rare moments in life and sometimes, when we're in the middle of those rare moments, we don't realize how rare they are.

I want to simply remind you that we all have rare moments and we need to enjoy them when they come along. Waiting for the future or longing for the past will only frustrate us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very cool! Rare and "Ah Ha" moments in Jesus with family or good friends is worth everything in life....especially on the water!


2:20 PM  

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