Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Giant's Legacy

First of all, let me repent . . . I haven't written a blog since May . . . Father forgive me for I have sinned.

This summer I had an awesome privledge to speak at the funeral of a spiritual giant. His name is Dennis Finch. Dennis, although aged 86, continued to invest in young men. For years he men into his home, then into his assisted care apartment and finally into his room at the care center where he eventually died.

Dennis' Funeral was a huge event, packing out our gym and bringing back to our church generations of people. Since we are moving to a new campus, it is safe to say that God used Dennis' life, and his death, to bring people together in a way that may never happen again in our church.

Dennis took Jesus words very serious to "make disciples" in Matthrew 28:19-20. As I thought about his life, and then my own, I had to ask who am I bringing into my life to help connect with Jesus? It gives me pause when I consider the lasting impact of this man's life.


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