Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dragon Questions

Here are two questions from last Sunday's teaching on "Fatal Attractions".

Q. How does gambling fit into these fatal attractions?

A. Last week we heard two stories about drugs and alchohol and I identified six other fatal attactions that are found in addictive behavior. That is not to say there aren''t more, because there are. Almost anything can become a fatal attraction. Someone can be addicted to spending, money, video games, so certainly gambling can qualify as an addiction.

A gambling addiction is just as real as any other kind of addiction. I have talked with several people who deal with this dragon in their life. In some cases they have deeply hurt, not only themsleves, but their families as well. Consider the definition of addiction below and you will see that gambling, and many other behaviors, could become an addiction.

Defining Addiction: When a person compulsively and habitually devotes themselves excessively to a behavior, substance or relationship and is willing to sacrifice family, job, economic security and personal sanity that devotion becomes an addiction.

Q. How do you plan overcoming your food dragon?

A. Last week I mentioned that food is my drug of choice, hence the question above. Being a leader in God's kingdom means you get to learn and grow publicly. While this is not always fun, easy or enjoyable, it is true. I would like to say that I have a working plan in motion, but that is not the case. Unlike drugs and alcohol, someone cannot completely give up food, so it has to be dealt with in moderation.

I have, however; put a plan in motion. I have joined a support group, go to meetings and have sought out some personal accountability. I have also begun to list and ask some of the deeper questions that drive a food addiction.

I also took a deeper look at God's Word for help on this subject, and found the Bible has a lot to say, such as:
  • "You were bought with a price, so honor God with your body" I Cor. 6:20

  • "Everything is permittable, but don't be mastered by it . . ." I Cor. 6:12

  • "Your body is God's temble, don't destroy it" I Cor. 3:16

  • "Food does not bring us closer to God" I Cor. 8:8

  • "Whether you eat or drink, do it to God's glory" I Cor. 10:31

  • "Put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony" Prov. 23:2

  • "Drunkards and gluttons become poor" Prov. 23:21

  • "It is not good to eat too much" Prov. 25:27

  • "Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach . . " Phil. 3:19
The bottom line is that I know I cannot win against this dragon on my own. I need the help of the Spirit, some trusted brothers and God's grace just like anyone else.

I take solice in the fact that we at Creekside Church are not a group of people who have it all together. If we were I could never be this transparent with you.

We are a group of wounded people, choosing to follow the one who was wounded for us, inorder to expereince His healing. He was bruised so we can be healed. He took our pain so we can find our way out of the pain that would otherwise destroy us.

Jesus is the ultimate dragon slayer, and any victory we experience is just imitating His great win over the devil. We can, infact, never win outside of Christ's victory. So, battle on!

Thanks for your questions.


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